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Wendy B. Fulford is a Certified Natural Health Professional who specializes in iridology, sclerology, reflexology, emotional therapy and nutritional health.  Wendy has practiced throughout the East Coast for the last thirteen years.

Wendy began her education in 1999 and attended the School of Certified Natural Health Professionals in 2001.  She has received ongoing training and development from Natures Sunshine and has benefited from the tutelage of various experts in the fields of natural health. Her training has been complemented by the expertise and guidance of Naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, scientists, herbalists, nutritionists, cardiologists, pharmacists and the like.

Wendy has been the guest on radio programs, and has been the host of her own TV program – The Herbal View.

Wendy has coached and supported hundreds of people, and has seen thousands from all over the U.S., Norway, and England.  She enjoys touching lives and empowering others in their practice of naturopathy.

Wendy and her team are continually receiving outstanding fresh and new training several times throughout the year.  Because of this training we are always providing our clients with the best services available.

Our Team
Wendy B. Fulford (iridology, sclerology, nutritional consultations, personalized herb assessment, emotional therapy, facial analogy)

Robert Fulford III  (Ionic Foot detox,  nutritional consultations, 
Reflexology sessions and Hand Assessment)

Come visit us and let us help you in your journey to a Brilliant Body the natural way!
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